These are commonly used resources in our class

Labquest Apps

Peel Google Apps

  • Use Google Chrome
  • Go to
  • Click on “sign in” or “sign in with a different account” if you already had an account, then click on add account
  • Your Peel Google account is: (no password required)
  • Click on sign in
  • If necessary, log in using your Peel BYOD ID & Password
  • If you want, you can automatically forward email to your personal email
  • To email your teacher, just search “Mr Fong” in Gmail.
  • All apps work across all mobile devices

Peel Google Classroom

  • Go to (you have to use the Peel google log in)
  • Join the class by using the code:
    • Period 1 Class: sxt5bl
    • Period 2 Class: y78401a
    • Don’t forget to do the first assignment!
  • There is a Classroom App at the Google Playstore or Apple iTunes



  • Go to
  • Join the class by using class ID:
    • Period 1: 16563457
    • Period 2: 17210052
  • Password is room126



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