Lenz’s Law

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Discussion:

After Class Work:


Culminating Lab: 4 days

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity:

  • Performance of Lab in partners
    • Monday: Kinematics
    • Tuesday: Forces
    • Wednesday: Energy
    • Thursday: Waves

After Class Work:

  • Submit your raw data in Google Classroom
  • Final copy due 48 hours after performance day to Turnitin.com
    • Join the class by using class ID:
      • Period 2: 18262712
      • Period 4: 17763939
      • Password is room127

Unit Test – Waves

Before Class Preparation:

  • Finish Assigned Braingenies

In Class Work:

  • Clickers Multiple Choice Test (20 Questions)
  • Sound Application of Wave Properties (1 double-sided page)

Can you:

  • Solve problems involving the wave equation v=fλ
  • Apply wave concepts to string and open/closed air column instruments
  • Apply resonance concepts to string and open/closed air column instruments


2 Days: Gizmos – Magnetism & Induction

Before class preparation

  • Check calendar for computer lab location
  • Read Gizmo handouts in Google Classroom
  • Complete “Prior Knowledge” questions for handouts

In class activity

  • Complete the worksheets & assessment questions for the Gizmos
    • Magnetism (Part B & Extension)
    • Magnetic Induction
    • Electromagnetic Induction

After class work

  • Finish Gizmos worksheets
  • Complete the assessment questions