Newton’s Challenge

Due: Friday, May 19th

  • Use the Google Form in Google Classroom to submit the link to your video (each person in the group must do this)
  • Newton’s Challenge Video Rubric (No Vertical Videos!)


  1. Create a 3-5 minute video that describes & explains one of Newton’s 3 Laws for a grade 9 student, based on an activity/technology you chose to analyze.
  2. Analyse an activity or technology that applies Newton’s 3 laws, and assess that technology’s social or environmental impact (pros/cons, possible advancements/improvements)
  3. Each student in a group of 3 (max) will be in charge of scripting the 3 Newton’s Laws.
  • Presentation used in class is here
  • Submit the information about your group here
    • Make sure you have an activity/technology selected to analyze

Example (Full Feature) Video:

For a Car Crash:

Your video is not expected to be as long or as detailed

Co-constructed criteria

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