Kinematics Performance Task: A Buggy’s Life


Video: Thursday, April 13th before 3:00 pm

Report: Tuesday, April 18th before 7:00 pm

  • Full instructions are here
  • The Google Slides used in class is here
  • The Report Requirements are here
  • Submit your video here
  • The rubric will be posted here

This project will be conducted in your unit groups with each group member completing a report individually.

Your task: to design a method to address the 3 following scenarios using a pull-back car and constant motion buggy. A report must be ready for submission on the due date with the following sections:

  1. Diagrams of each scenario.
  2. Measurements & calculations made during class time.
  3. Derivation of the equation(s) used to perform the task.
  4. A conclusion and brief discussion of maximum 300 words including applications of this task (e.g. how this exercise can be used to program self driving cars).

Procedure Considerations:

When designing your experiments to measure acceleration and speed of your cars, remember to consider the following important factors:

  • Keeping the acceleration of the pull-back car consistent – how many times do you wind it up? What is the pull-back distance each time?
  • How do you keep the cars going straight?
  • Make sure you use the same cars every time.


  • Car Chase
  • Head-on Collision
  • Two-dimensional Collision