Energy e-Portfolio


  • To use self assessment as evidence of learning in lieu of a unit test


  • Create an open website that chronicles the learning you have done during this unit
    • It could be labs, demonstrations, discussions, activities in class, assignments/quizzes you’ve done, even discussions you have in and/or out of class. Just make sure you record it!
  • The e-portfolio will be evidence of your learning. When the unit is over, it will be used to evaluate the learning you have done for the unit
  • A way to get started is to reflect each day on:
    • 3 things you learned;
    • 2 questions you still have;
    • 1 thing that intrigued you
    • You can reflect on things outside of class if it’s applicable!
  • At the end of the unit, you’ll be asked to submit work that best reflects your learning, specifically on instances where you:
    • analysed technologies that apply principles and concepts relating to energy transformations
    • assessed the social and environmental impact of technologies relating to energy energy transformations
    • investigated energy transformations and the law of conservation of energy
    • solved energy transformation problems
    • demonstrated an understanding of work, efficiency, power, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, nuclear energy, and thermal energy and its transfer (heat).
  • Remember, this assignment replaces a unit test so do your best!


  • The website you’re creating is a daily blog where you can show your learning throughout the unit. Instructions are here
  • Some possible web tools are:
  • Once you have created the website, submit the link here.
    • Make sure you enable the commenting section for myself and your classmates to give you feedback
  • For commenting, you should have 3 commenters:
    • One of your choosing
    • One of your parents/guardian
    • One from this table (Make sure they’re not the same person!)


  • The submission requirements at the end of the unit are here
  • The Google Form to submit the final evaluation will be posted on our Google Classroom

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